Exit the Cave: Ending the Reincarnation Trap, Book 1

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Exit the Cave: Ending the Reincarnation Trap, Book 1

Exit the Cave: Ending the Reincarnation Trap, Book 1

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I’m so excited to finally be able to share the cover for my new book, Exit the Cave: Embracing a Life of Courage, Creativity, and Radical Imagination. And that has been something you’ve been at war with for Lifetime is your own curiosity, yet it’s also the basis of so much or the brilliance of your creativity, again, through the book. That that that, that, that boy was good, that he was curious, that he wanted to be taken delight in. After years stuck in a painful cycle fueled by past abuse and ongoing addiction, actor, artist, and director Blaine Hogan finally hit rock bottom. He is now the creative director at Willow Creek Community Church and lives with his wife, Margaret, and their daughter, Ruby just outside of Chicago.

A poor condition book can still make a good reading copy but is generally not collectible unless the item is very scarce.When we decided to shoot our spot in Utah because that’s where the The Picklr headquarters was, our biggest concern was casting. Having spent years trapped in a painful cycle fueled by past abuse and ongoing addiction, actor, artist, and director Blaine Hogan finally reached his breaking point. Plato created the allegory of the Cave to present that we live in a non- real reality, and in fact, are prisoners in it.

I largely avoid self-help books because not enough of the author's story is told for me to care, and to see through their story how I can adapt my own to make changes. Hogan is an incredible storyteller, a deep and poignant philosopher , and the story of his life will transform you. But at the same time, my life was falling apart and I realized that my journey out of the cave, I’d missed a few steps.And I’d always held that story, in sort of, the penultimate moment of this three act structure that I had created, Which was my dad was an alcoholic and an addict, and my mom, suffered from, debilitating, diabetes, and she had seizures, and my brother and I needed to care for her in different ways. Blaine: I mean I think that’s such a great, I think that is, that is the word that’s probably one that really does define my work in, I think any creative act is, or the turn of a phrase of a really good therapist is get curious about that. And, because I had been a secular artist before, I had, you know, finally done the good thing and given my, working hours to the Lord and started making sacred art. I mean, the book is indeed that, Uh, it is a confession, and so in so many ways, um, I keep, every time I get on an interview I keep going, Why am I, why did I do this? And so creativity, I began to sort of redefine as not a thing, but really just not just a, new way of thinking, a new way of living.

Although I had never heard of the author, this book caught my eye because of the title, which I recognized as a reference to Plato's cave analogy. Blaine is vulnerable, honest and engaging; and you will want to read it in one sitting and then read it again, more slowly, allowing yourself to ponder and possibly engage your own story. But I read Wounded Heart , and I knew, that whatever it was that was going on in Seattle, I needed, I needed more of.

Desperate to find hope, he gave up the career he was building and took a major life detour where he discovered that facing his past was the key to unlocking a new kind of creativity. Check out the new launch video for The Picklr– a Pickleball court facility with locations around the U.

In this book you'll find a blast of inspiration and a trusty guide to help you exit the cave and enter a world that is real and beautiful and vital. These two questions would gradually help sprout other questions that not only probe his inner self and relationships but also his purpose in life. This book will open your eyes, so that you can see the world, and your own story, through a lens of grace and compassion. And, it’s a dance of linguistics and time that we don’t have, room in this podcast but I had come to a place in my professional career where I thought I was doing exactly that.that might be coming out late fall :) howdie is my favorite author, and if you've read his books but haven't seen his YouTube channel I couldn't recommend it more.

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