The Light of The Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

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The Light of The Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

The Light of The Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

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When through the removal of hindrances and the purification of the sheaths, the totality of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do.

A spiritually strong heart center means you have a tremendous amount of dynamic power and spiritual fortitude.This is also brought out clearly in the teaching of the Lord Buddha, the treading of the Noble Eight-Fold Path providing the only way out of the "Right Values; Right Speech; Right Mode of Right Right Expression; Right Conduct; Right Effort; Right Rapture or True Happiness". An extract from the Tibetan teacher, written in 1934 briefly explains the intent of these teachings: "The books that I have written are sent out with no claim for their acceptance. Consenting to these technologies will allow us to process data such as browsing behavior or unique IDs on this site. In this book the factor of mind in meeting present-day needs is again given prominence as the agent of the soul, and the key to personality release.

The Yoga Sutras are of ancient origin, first reduced to writing by Patanjali, who is considered the founder of the Raja Yoga School. The four parts of the book Many different training techniques have been available over the centuries, depending on the condition of human consciousness and the phase of spiritual growth to be accomplished.In the aura, the soul light can be seen as brilliant, multi-colored energy rays that emanate from the heart chakra. But if you let that anger or worry consume you, it can eventually change and darken the energy flow of your fanning rays. The body is the physical dimension, which manifests as material properties that we humans can observe, study, measure and quantify. When light enters our bodily eyes our eyesight is sharpened; when a soul is intent on God, God’s inextinguishable light shines into it and makes it bright and clear.

Consequently, this book should be purchased by every academic library supporting undergraduate degree programs in philosophy. That means a deeper auric rhythm has been adversely affected, and this can cause sustained distress. The Ramak and the Arizal reconcile between the two and explain that the light on its own has no particles, it assumes them through its manifestation in the containers.This cosmic dance requires an acclimation of these two antithetical forces – matter and spirit, form and function – which initially defy each other, but then learn to adapt, interact and finally fully unite into one cohesive unit. In Kabbalah there are actually three general opinions as to the nature of the light, to what degree the light itself contains ‘particle-like’ qualities, and how much of the particle-like shape and form stems from the interaction of the light with the container. Chassidus explains that light has two dimensions, which are first only subtly distinguishable, but later manifest in more defined properties. It was really emotional and I had a huge breakthrough with something in my life which I’m still working through weeks later and feeling the power of it.

I am one who has wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light and I must therefore act as a transmitter of the light, no matter what the cost. The mystical teachings on light can shed new light (no pun intended) on the nature of light and help us appreciate the very stuff that makes up our existence.

The soul of the object is comprised of the spiritual properties that define and shape the essence of the object.

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