House of Flame and Shadow (Crescent City Book 3)

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House of Flame and Shadow (Crescent City Book 3)

House of Flame and Shadow (Crescent City Book 3)

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Update july 19: OK LISTEN, I'm legit sad and dissapointed that my baby Rhun and purple color is not there( Not because Mrs Mass just clowned the hell outta me, no lol����🤡) seriously she really decieved us. Speaking of the knife/blade, the truthteller is with Azriel somehow, and to reunite the blades either truthteller should go to lunathian or starsword should come to prythian, so I'm assuming bryce might need to take the knife to lunathian to save the fae. Less than an hour ago, she’d been sprinting away from Rigelus’s power, dodging exploding marble busts and shattering windows, and Hunt’s lightning had speared through her chest, into the Gate, opening a portal. She stalked down the exposed steps into the heart of the chamber, where three males hung from gorsian shackles in the center of the room.

Also the fact that everyone including me gasped when Amren was shocked at what Bryce said 😭 like Amren you don't act shocked.Their disbelief and rage had been a small comfort in the wake of all that had happened, all that was still churning through Lidia. And, as far as I know, there were only three planets that were able to kick them out—to fight back and defeat them. It was worse, seeing it as a sort of memory-montage: the violence, the brutality of how easily the Asteri and their minions killed, how indiscriminately. The story - an alternate version of Cinderella - was published as Throne of Glass and the book went on to become the first in a globally successful series. Bryce sucked her teeth before saying, “In the official version of this story, another world, Hel, tried to invade Midgard.

Like how the Asteri made the angels and mentioned creating prototypes for the angels in the previous world which I assume is what the Illyrians are? and it was amazing the prologue and the first chapter were so gripping and the scenes that we got AHHH i can not wait even for a day and a half BECAUSE OMGG i literally want it rn because we are getting all the characters! I'm clearly seeing so many readers FREAKING about the Rhun/Lidia thing(you can see the amount of fanarts) and Hot Damn, I'm in love with this ship sooo much.Bryce had leapt through the Gate intending to reach Hel, to finally take up Aidas’s and Apollion’s repeated offers to send their armies to Midgard and stop this cycle of galactic conquest. nonetheless, I absolutely love the direction this is taking, specially that we've seen many perfect bonds through the sjm books, which helps readers to believe that incompatible bonds are chosen, and I'm exited to see a deeper moral related to mating bonds like this. He's desperate to help her, but until he can escape the Asteri's leash, his hands are quite literally tied. we have to wait and see what Queen sjm has for us, one thing I know is that she is the queen of satisfying plot twist and CC3 will be nothing short of masterpiece. The bell tinkled again, but Rigelus lifted a hand to the attendant waiting in the shadows of the nearby pillars.

The gorsian shackles had slowed their healing to near-human levels—keeping them from dying entirely, but ensuring that they suffered through every moment of pain. and to keep this in mind that this will be the finale, I think we are going to spend a brief time in prythian, and this crossover thing is something that I'm pretty sure with the proof of TOG, sjm had truly set up her world for this crossovers, and it does make sense. His voice rang clear as he added with impressive fury, “I condemn all that Cormac was and stood for. Flickering braziers of something that resembled firstlight gilded the silken strands of her chin-length bob, casting the shadow of her slender jaw in stark relief. That they were Fae and knew the language at all suggested some link between here and Midgard, a link that was slowly dawning on her with terrible clarity.Guns,” Bryce said, pointing to the rifle Randall fired in her displayed memory, landing a perfect bulls-eye shot in a target half a mile off. The city had been abuzz as the military transports had crested the hill and deposited them, one by one, with news crews rushing out to report on the cutting-edge tech. If they were somehow repelled by whatever ancient power lay around Avallen, that would be a secret worth abasing oneself to keep. As I said, she's tired, she's not here to fight) But if she does, I really just want her, Bryce and Cassian to interact because the chaos and badassery they would bring would be unmatched. Anyways, after some thoughts, I can say for sure that this is danika on the cover for obvious reasons.

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